Training and career opportunities in marine geoscience


UBO Bachelor's Degree in Earth Sciences (ST)

UBS Bachelor's Degree in Earth and Life Sciences (SVT)


UBO/UBS Master's degree in Earth and Life Sciences (STPE)

UBO Master's degree in Marine Physics (PM)

Training courses opportunities for the year 2023

Doctoral (PhD) School of Marine and Coastal Science (EDSML)

As part of the interdisciplinary graduate school for the Blue Planet ISblue, master-level training courses supported by Geo-Ocean benefit from an increasing contribution from Ifremer, an opening for industrial enterprise through the Carnot Label (via the Carnot MERS Institute) and the association of engineering schools with the graduate school.

Our model for 2022-2027 will focus on mutualising lectures, as well as promoting further education and improving perspectives with the international community.

Our PhD students and their research subjects


Take a closer look at the different careers available in marine geoscience research.