Hydrograph Engineer

Arnaudis a hydrographic engineer and works with the Mapping, Data Processing and Sensing Group.

What does your job involve ?

I process data from multibeam acoustic sounders acquired on board Ifremer research vessels mapping the seafloor. I also develop processing software to help improve data quality.

I regularly embark on scientific expeditions. On-board the ship, I control the quality of bathymetric and back-scatter data and process the data real-time. This work is very useful on-board as the expedition may be directed in real-time to zones of interest. Data processing is generally pursued once back in the laboratory. I also participate in the selection of bathymetric and back-scatter acoustic equipment to be installed on-board and their renewal.

Another aspect of my work is the development of processing tools in the form of prototypes which are integrated into software by our computer experts. If I do not personally develop the software, I contribute largely in elaborating the specifications for the new modules of our data processing software.

What does your job involve ?

I regularly participate in oceanographic expeditions. On-board, I control the quality of bathymetric and imaging data and process them in real-time which is very useful during exploration in order to orientate the expedition towards the most interesting targets. Generally, processing continues once back in the laboratory. I also help to select the bathymetric and imaging tools during their installation on-board or when they need to be renewed.

Another aspect of my activity concerns the development of new processing tools in the form of prototypes, which are then integrated into production software by our IT specialists. Even if I do not develop the tool, I do elaborate specifications of new modules for pour processing software.

What training did you have ?

I am a qualified hydrographic-mapping engineer. I obtained my diploma at the ENSTA school in Brittany, French.

Geographic Information System technician

Anne-Sophie is a Geographical Information Systems technician specialized in mineral resources.

What does your work involve ?

I recover data and samples from mineral resource sea expeditions, ensure their sustainability and exploit them through GIS.

I assist in preparing at-sea operations from the ship and with underwater equipment.

I consequently produce maps, superimposing different types of data (geological, geophysical, geochemical...). These maps assist the researchers with their work : interpretations, illustrations for their scientific articles, decision making while at sea, etc.

What training did you have ?

After my baccalaureat, I integrated the INstitut des sciences et TECHniques de la MER (INTECHMER, Cherbourg) where I obtained in 2003 a higher technician diploma specialized in ocean prospection and engineering.