Claire, Engineering Geologist and PhD student in geochemistry

I am an engineering geologist and I specialized in mineral resources and have carried out several research projects in France and abroad which have naturally led me to my current PhD studies in marine geosciences. I am in the second year of my thesis at the Laboratory of Geochemical Cycles and Resources where I am studying the paleoceanography of the Mozambique Canal as part of the Pamela project (Passive Margins Exploration Laboratories). This project is fascinating and of particularly interest to me as it connects geology to geochemistry and oceanography!

I am studying the Fe-Mn encrustments of the Mozambique Canal. They are an accurate archive of the chemistry of the surrounding water masses. By studying the geochemical data of my samples, I can identify different marine currents and model their preferred circulation routes. These results provide a better understanding of the four-dimensional evolution of geology, ocean and climate.

Encroûtements ferromanganésifères

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