Sensing group

Mechanic technician

Mickaël is a mechanical technician within the sensing team of the Mapping, Data Processing and Sensing group.

What does your job involve ?

My work involves maintaining the piezometers and seisometers deployed by the marine geoscience research unit during oceanographic expeditions. The piezometer is a lance (15 m max) driven into the seabed to measure pore pressure at different depths. The tool is comprised of approximately 80 different parts that I maintain, order and store. I calibrate the differential pressure sensors before placing them in their pipe.

I regularly embark on oceanographic expeditions. On-board, I prepare the launching of the tools and recover the data collected.

Back on-land, I also work to improve and development tools according to the specific requirements of the scientists and researchers.

What training did you have ?

I have a technician's certificate in Industrial Maintenance.