Geology & sedimentology

Researcher in sedimentology

Axel is a researcher in sedimentology at the Laboratory of  Sedimentary Environments.

What does your job involve ?

I develop and take part in research projects within the Marine Geoscience Unit. It very often consists in replying to calls for tender in collaboration with colleagues from other institutes and sometimes working in different fields of specialization. My job consists in exploring the coastal seabed and more largely the continental shelf to collect sedimentary and geophysical data.

On my return to the lab, I analyse and interpret these data with the technical support of other teams of the department. I also follow-up the work of students on work placements. The results of our work and then promoted in the form of academic and general public publications.

My main research themes are :

- the study of recent sedimentation and sedimentary bodies on silico-clastic and carbonate platforms (English Channel, Bay of Biscay and French overseas territories...) in order to understand the dynamics of the settlement of these deposits in relation to current hydrodynamism, sedimentary sources and anthropic impact.

- the architecture of sedimentary stocks on a much larger scale (quarternary) on the platform in relation to the variations in sea level and the transfers to deep sea basins.

What training did you have ?

I trained as a geologist at the University of Caen, then in Lille and Paris (Master 2 in geology and sedimentary geochemistry).