Our research is focused on mechanical couplings, chemical exchanges, transfers between interfaces solid Earth and surface envelopes, dynamic processes at the origin of land-based hazards and coastal risks just as the sedimentary archives of these different processes. To carry out a leading-edge research in these fields, new methods of observation, sampling and analysis, as well as the implementation of instrumentation both at sea and in the laboratory, are being deployed.

Upcoming events


Campagne océanographique HERMINE2

Océan Atlantique Nord, dorsale médio-atlantique

Séminaire de François Civet

Amphi à préciser, IUEM

Séminaire de Thomas Theunissen

Amphi à préciser, IUEM

18ème édition du congrès de l'ASF

Parc des exposition de la Penfeld, Brest

These three start-ups are spin off from the UMR's technological, instrumental and methodological research and development activities.