24 mars : Séminaire d'Antonio Langone

Évolution Permo-Jurassique de la croûte inférieure de la plaque Adria :

exemples de la zone Ivrée et de la Calabre

The lower continental crust is an open boundary between the upper lithospheric mantle and the crust. It is the place where mafic magmas can be stacked, and felsic magmas can be generated. Our knowledges of this boundary are based on geochemical and geophysical modelling and on studies of rare, exposed, crustal sections and xenoliths. Due to the scarce occurrence of lower crustal rocks the chemical composition is still under debate. Moreover, the high temperature reached and persisted for several Myr at deep crustal levels may complicate the interpretation of radiometric data. The seminar is focused on two lower crustal sections exposed in Italy: the Ivrea-Verbano Zone (Alps) and the Calabria Massifs (southern Italy). These two Variscan crustal sections escaped Alpine metamorphism and record several tectono-metamorphic and magmatic events from Carboniferous to Jurassic time documenting the post orogenic collapse and the opening of the Tethys. A comparison of the Time-temperature evolution recorded for both crustal section is shown during the seminar.

Antonio Langone - Visiting researcher University of Pavia (Italy)

le vendredi 24 mars, à 14h30, amphi A, Institut Universitaire Européen de la Mer (Plouzané)