Earth-Ocean Links international school

UNESCO's International Geoscience programme (IGCP) and Ifremer are proud to announce the successful completion of Earth-Ocean Link (EOL) trans-African International Itinerant Master Class (seminars, tutorials, fieldwork, floating university) on the Earth-Ocean links and the intersphere connections (geosphere / hydrosphere / biosphere / anthroposphere), in partnership with Ifremer, local industry and universities, with a special view on Epistemology, Scientific Methodology and Integrity.

This course provides training opportunity for master, PhD students, young scientists and industrial employees. It aims to give more confidence in their own ability to decipher the scientific reasoning and to practically apply their skills in the frame of their future professional life.

EOL itinerant Master Class aimed to contribute to changing people’s lives by

  • Increasing the chance of getting a job;
  • Increasing the industry-academia relationship;
  • Acquiring a holistic, tolerant vision;
  • Increasing women's self-confidence.

The 4th session took place in Accra, at the University of Ghana, between the 3rd and the 10th October 2021.

Twenty-one masters students, PhD, lecturers, young industrial employees participated to the session, including two PhD student for Nelson Mandela Univ., Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Five days covered the International Master Class (Epistemology and scientific approach, Geophysics tools, Plate tectonic, Continental Margin Evolution, Sedimentology, Seismic practicing, Coastal management, Anthropic impact, Aquifer, South african and Ghanean geology and issues, serious game) with two days of fieldtrip.

In 2022 the next session of the EOL Master Class will be hosted by the Nelson Mandela University, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, with contribution and participation of all relevant institutes for the three countries.

Earth-Ocean Link