MCC software

The MicrOBS Control Centrer (MCC) software manages MicrOBS-type equipment. It can also be used with LotOBS. After a first phase of development to address operational issues, we have added some post-processing functions to facilitate the handling of data by seismic processing software (Sisbise, SU, Zelt, SAC 2000, etc.).

Version 2 beta (Linux 64 / Windows 32/64)

MCC is a multi-module app with all integrated functions necessary for use with MicrOBS except for the command line that we created with a Raspberry. We worked on version 2 beta for a wider use of the application on current systems. Our tests are performed on 64 bit Debian versions. Some modules also work on Windows 7.

The MCC Modulator is used to perform release and drop operations; the MCC Process is used to manipulate the data files; the MCC Graph is used to display the data (SAC and PSEGY).

To install a version of MCC, unzip the downloaded file and open the Readme file.

The PiMCC box offers a new programming interface for the MicrOBS.

For more information contact us.

A small batch of test data is available here:

After download, unzip the file to test the application.

Version 1.33 (Linux 32)

Version 1.33 is the historical version that has accompanied the MicrOBS since 2004. This version only works on 32-bit Linux.

To install a version of MCC, use: tar zxvf FichierDownload.tar.gz.

A directory with the name of the MCC version will be created (for example: CD-MicrobsV1.33); follow the instructions in the installation file in this directory (for example: Installv1.33.txt).

A small batch of test data is available here:

After download,unzip the file to test the application.